mardi 1 mars 2011

special post

Just once, because one of my readers is australian and japanese. When we were in Warrnambool, We came with Timboon cheese. A French cheese-maker came to Australia to produce French cheese ( brillat-savarin, reblochon, brie, and morbier)
Because we were hosting by french friends and also australian good eaters, we couldn't come without cheese and wine...

And Mayumi had discovered one thing with Ben : while usually French eat some cheese with some bread, they also drink red wine. But we always have big trouble with that.
When the bread is finished, it still remains some cheese. So we have to take more bread to help finishing the cheese.
When the cheese is finished, there's some wine left. So we have to take more cheese to finish the wine.
And so on and so on . So you could have fun and cheese and wine and bread for a long time..

And I think M. like it this way. And had fun with Ben and her father in law about drinking wine and eating cheese, haven't you Mayumi ??

2 commentaires:

  1. vous vous êtes régalés!!! j'en suis sûre!

  2. Comment sais tu qu'on s'est régalé.... Ce pays est génial. Pour la bouffe. Ok on n'a pas de Cantal, de reblochon ou de beaufort (ou alors faut rajouter un 0 au prix français...), mais ils font de super fromage. Le pied...