vendredi 21 décembre 2012

a very early christmas. and few birthday celebrations

For the second time, I'll try to write my post in English. Maybe because this one concerns one of my Aussie friends. Please be nice if my english is not perfect and too much "Frenchy". I 'll improve, promise.

We'd planned  a Christmas dinner with my friend Kate and her husband before we left, but because 2 of the guests were having their birthday around the date, it turned to be a sort of : christmas, birthday celebration.

Everything was ready : appetizer, main vegan meal (:-)), and dessert. All hand made.
Fantastic one made by Kate : a pavlova.

The aussie dessert indeed. It has been created for Anna Pavlova when she went down under. And the 2 islands ( New Zealand and Australia) are fighting each other to clame that the pavlova is their national dessert...
Whatever, it was a really good one and I tried to make one last week. Not as good but like with my english I'll improve.

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